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Pool Guard fence official distributor

Pool Guard Removable Fences is the official distributor for the Pool Guard fences in Quebec and in Ontario. They are internationally recognized for guaranteeing a child safe environment, but also for seniors and all your other guests. Our fences are of superior quality and easy to use. Furthermore, they offer a maximum protection as they are specially designed to avoid drownings. Please ask our specialists for further details on our Pool Guard fences.

Pool Guard quality, simplicity and durability of pool fences

As a top leader in the market, we are proud to say we offer durable and reliable product that ensures, at any time, the safety of your children around the pools. Our customers benefit from the expertise of our advisors to secure your pool with a removable fence that may also be fixed. This customized service will provide you with peace of mind.  Install a Pool Guard Pool fence.

Pool Guard fences comply with safety standards
Since 28 years, our business offers safety and attractive pool fences. Pool Guard fences exceed the Canadian and American rules and regulations for safety. Furthermore, we have the certifications delivered by ASTM International and LNE for safety standards. Pool Guard fences offer one of a kind protection for kids around the pool.  Prevent drowning with a safety fence around your pool.
Choose a superior quality pool fence:
Pool Guard fences meet the highest quality standards. 5×5 lattice size, big square (superior quality and better visibility). It is made of thermoplastic polymer lattice: Textilene® (70 % PVC, 30% polyester). This lattice will not expand, sag or fade with time (UV treatment). In addition to being resistant to season changes, the fence is firmly secured with precision on aluminum posts. The thermoplastic polymer mesh (Textilene®) is translucent, so you may always see what is going on in your pool. This pool fence is the sturdiest in the current market. 


Other benefits of the Pool Guard fence:

The Pool Guard removable fences have the see-through advantage and offer a splendid view on the pool and the landscape. Furthermore, it is possible to access the pool by each joint of the modular. Finally, you have the option to equip your Pool Guard Fence with a self-closing gate which contains a lockable key MagnaLatch (MagnaLatch series 3). Keep peace of mind knowing your fence is always self-closed. This latch is placed high enough that only an adult can open it. This gate is the best safety performance in the market.

Safety and reliable pool fence
Easy to remove and to reinstall
Can stay FIXED and LOCKED at all time
Suits to all configurations
Aesthetic and discretion (hazy effect)
Suitable to any pool shape
Transparent fence for greater vigilance
Suits to any environment type
Possibility for an automatic self-closing gate with key-lockable. Magna Latch, Fence gate latches & fencing
No grip for climbing on the pool fence
Pool Guard fences comply with safety standards

We have lots of ideas … and possibilities. Preparation and planning are key to making you live an enjoyable experience. Pool Guard fences exceed Canadian and US safety standards guidelines and requirements for aquatic safety standards. Drowning prevention Contact the Technician-Installer in your area to secure your pool from the children.



Analysis of your needs

Contact the Technician-Installer in your area for installation included or contact the head office for installation not-included.

A technician will contact you shortly for your quote and plan your secured installation.

Enjoy your pool and backyard with peace of mind.

What our clients say

I have 3 small kids and backyard pool safety was on top of my priority list.  I was looking for some kind of inground pool fence or swimming pool enclosure to protect my pool from the kids getting to close. I heard about this removable pool fence product which is like a mesh pool fence. I called up Pool Guard who does the installation of this child safety barrier. Pool Guard did a great job installing my removable pool fence and it looks fantastic... now I feel so much better and less stressed out because of my new safety pool fence.

Nicole, Brossard

The day we moved into our new home with an inground pool, I knew our child’s safety was in stake.  A removable pool safety barrier and fence was the solution since we had a small backyard. Other types of pool enclosures would not be efficient and would take up too much space. Our removable swimming pool fence from Pool Guard was the perfect solution for our backyard safety issue and space concerns.  Thanks Pool Guard for a great product and to be a perfect Child Guard! 

Mike, Kirkland

I was shopping around for a safety barrier or fence to be installed around my pool. My neighbor from across the street had this safety mesh pool fence which looked very nice and it was quite transparent at the same time.  We got it installed by Pool Guard. We were very pleased by the Professional installation and mostly very happy with the end result of a beautiful removable pool fence.  We are very grateful that our backyard still looks great without compromising too much on child safety and security. Thank you so much Pool Guard.

Kim, Markham